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Our services are municipal-centric, specifically designed to support local governments in their Community Engagement, Research, and E-Learning efforts. We are an experienced municipal partner, leveraging unique subject-matter expertise to build and maintain community trust.

couple completing survey
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Surveys by The W Group

Get the community insights you need to be confident in your report. Great research delivers meaningful, actionable, and accurate results.

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SmartForms by The W Group

Simplify data collection. Improve user experience and ease data entry costs. Move beyond paper-based forms or fillable PDFs to leverage dynamic data flow.

E-Learning by The W Group

Turn your subject into a vibrant and interactive online learning experience. For less than you think. Options range from per-seat, to full-custom, with or without an LMS.

online learning course on laptop
Hand holding phone with project pages screen
Project Pages by The W Group

Leverage turn-key, affordable project pages to maximize awareness, understanding, and participation. No code. No login. No fuss.

Project Pages
Feedback by The W Group

Gain clear insights required to improve facilities, programs, and services. Manage issues in near real-time and deliver a great customer experience.

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Newsletters by The W Group

Secure your audience, and build your community. Take engagement to the next level with measurable direct-to-resident communications.

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