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Gain clear insights required to improve facilities, programs, and services. Manage issues in near real-time and deliver a great customer experience.

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Turn Customers & Employees into Loyal Advocates

Understand the actions required to exceed customer expectations and enhance municipal facilities, programs, and services. Continuous feedback helps staff achieve better results, supports training/coaching, and supports continuous improvement programs.


Get feedback before it goes to the Mayor or lands on social media. Automatic alerts notify the appropriate staff when issues arise for a quick and effective resolution. Track follow-up outcomes to better manage future situations.

Utilize Voice of the Customer Feedback to identify systemic issues across the entire municipality. Isolated issues can often represent a much larger concern than they are given credit for.


Prove the need for funding and align resources based on centralized resident feedback. Our user-friendly reports and dashboards help you track performance and identify actionable priorities.

Get Notified - Watch Your Blind Spot

Evidence-Based Program Funding

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Explore the benefits of a Real-Time Feedback program

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Residents Provided Feedback to Services Offered



Facilities/Services Utilizing Feedback Program



Improvements Made to Customer Service and Related Processes

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