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Simplify data collection. Improve user experience and ease data entry costs. Move beyond paper-based forms or fillable PDFs to leverage dynamic data flow.


Everyone in City Hall is busier than ever. Save time and energy by skipping the tedious, manual data entry and analysis. Custom data routing automatically drives collected data to the right person at the right time, while tracking access. Start collecting the data you need!

SmartForms are intelligent digital tools used to record, verify and distribute data. Dynamic data collection is your sidekick helping to improve processes and procedures. 

Our professionally designed SmartForms are uniquely tailored to support the needs of local government. Capabilities are limitless with a wide variety of functions and features: 

  • A mobile-first design supports increasing demand for on-the-go submissions.

  • Never again need to interpret handwriting, missed, or invalid answers.

  • Send email reminders to get forms back fast.

  • Automate and refine workflows 

  • Manage any kind of interactive data exchange

  • Increase accuracy, ease data entry costs and delays, and improve user experience

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Simplify Data Collection 

What Are SmartForms?

Use SmartForms to your Advantage



Forms Designed and Programmed

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Departments Utilizing Digital SmartForms



Submissions Made Through SmartForms

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