Drive satisfaction through inbound customer feedback

The W Group transforms 'customer comment card' programs into a powerful management tool. Applying research expertise, design, technology and new feedback channels help municipalities to address immediate concerns and identify systemic issues.

Leverage community members to secure a stream of inbound customer feedback that drives greater internal and external satisfaction.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Feedback Programs

Essentially VoC programs are built on three principles.


The sooner your customers provide feedback after their experience, the more valuable and richer their insights. Especially true for resolving customer concerns.


The quicker you operationalize those insights across your organization the greater, positive impact you can have with all your customers and their experiences. 


Properly managing the flow of customer feedback helps you identify and resolve systemic issues, or gain data which supports budget decision-making.

"Effective community engagement is directly impacted by how well a municipality delivers its services and programs. The better its delivery, the higher public trust and greater the community's engagement."

Kent Waugh, Managing Partner

Gather feedback across community interactions to support process & performance improvements.


  • Continuous Improvement Programs

  • Early Warning – Risk Mitigation

  • Performance Measurement – KPI’s

  • Systemic Issue Identification

  • Centralized Response Management

  • Customer Feedback Data-Supported Budgeting - Get the Biggest Bang for the Buck. 

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