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The Key to OUTSTANDING Community Engagement!

Inbound vs. Outbound … or Both?

The W Group specializes in working with government agencies to maximize their connection with the community and its residents. Our best-practice approach requires establishing ongoing, two-way communications programs.

While we work to improve both sides of the conversation independent of one another, what we really excel at (and must admit, get excited about) is integrating the conversations. Taking advantage of an integrated approach maximizes every opportunity to build meaningful dialogue and maximize exposure.

The impact of well-balanced communication is more significant than ever for a couple of reasons. The role technology plays in our culture shifts the conversational power to residents as they now have the ability to share their opinions with a multitude of people at the click of a button. Isolation and uncertainty over the past few months due to COVID-19 has also left people feeling vulnerable and increasingly reliant on technology for connection. Powerful communication at this time is focused on building reciprocal trust.

Understanding the purpose of integrated communications can be confusing, especially since there are a variety of ways to define each approach. To help you leverage the power of inbound communications with outbound tactics we have released a sample strategy below.

Outbound Communications

Outbound Communications work includes the following services and expertise:

E-Mail Communications & Marketing

  • E-Communications Programs

  • E-Mail CASL & FOIPPA Compliance

Website & Print Material Production

  • Print Material Design & Production

  • Website Design & Programming

Customer Service & Staff Training

  • Staff Workshops & Training Programs

Inbound Feedback & Insights

Inbound Communications work includes feedback, insights, research and business intelligence:

Community Engagement/Public Consultation

  • Community Engagement (CE) Strategies & Implementation Action Plans

  • Establish and Manage Online Community Panels

  • Provide Community Engagement Coordination & Communications Portals

Customer Service-Experience Feedback

  • 'Voice of the Customer' Feedback Programs including print and electronic customer comment cards

It is clear that communication is changing on a foundational level due to increased resources and technology. There has been a power shift in the conversation making inbound communication more profound than ever before. Outstanding community engagement is all about balance. While it is important to grow awareness through outbound communication it is equally important to listen, pivot and build the public’s trust.

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