Maximize experience through research-based decision-making

The W Group provides professional research support services coupled with Community Engagement Research Panels to deliver survey results representative of your community's population. 

Conduct high-quality research that supports effective decision-making for services, programs and infrastructure.

Community Engagement Research Panels

A Community Engagement Research Panel or CERP (pronounced ChERP) is a cornerstone of a municipality's community engagement program and public consultation efforts. 


The W Group provides everything required to establish a CERP: panel management expertise, survey research programming and compliant survey panel software. 


We support the recruitment of residents to the panel and ensure database of profiled residents represents the community's entire population. We make sure you are research ready. Contact us to discuss the features, benefits and applications of a CERP.

"Effective community engagement, we feel, must include methods to build capacity while easing the cost and time required to collect insights from community members."

Kent Waugh, Managing Partner

Conduct representative surveys of general population and targeted community members.


  • Results Representative of Community Population 

  • Conduct Surveys within 3 Days NOT Weeks

  • Build Capacity - Save Time & Money by Developing a Panel of Research-Ready Residents.

  • Centralized Design and Management with Detailed Billing for Internal Recovery

  • Tap into Research Expertise Only When Needed

Service Objective