COVID-19 Tools

During this unpredictable time, we at The W Group have focused on how to best serve our communities. We retooled several flagship products specifically to support municipalities in their COVID-19 efforts. As circumstances within the pandemic are continuously evolving, so are we.  Our intention is to help municipalities successfully adapt to virtual environments while keeping resident engagement high.

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Digital Forms:

Digital ‘SmartForms’ have been a viable solution to the current demand for less face-to-face interactions resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Shifting interactions online by using advanced digital solutions eases routine processes and limits physical interactions between residents and staff.


COVID-19 Specific Forms

The W Group produced several digital forms for client-partners who were aiming to limit the number of residents entering facilities and handling paper. Digital forms were also valuable internally and used by staff to provide input on COVID-19 related activities and statuses. Here are two examples:


COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool
More than 36 municipalities utilized the COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool with over 500,000 staff screenings and 1,000,000 e-mail notifications.


COVID-19 Managers/Supervisors Worksite Safety Plan Review

COVID-19 Digital SmartForms were made free for municipalities to use. These forms were created in conjunction with the Health & Safety teams at the Cities of Surrey and Coquitlam, and the BCMSA.



Learn online while maintaining social distancing to comply with ever-evolving COVID-19 regulations.


COVID-19 Specific Training
This safety course for workers aims to educate on ‘health and communication’ best-practices during COVID-19. The focus is to inform staff about the virus and the key steps required to prevent the spread of the virus.


To view the FREE COVID-19 Awareness E-Learning Course click the link below.


COVID-19 Awareness Safety Course for Municipal Staff (Sample Version)

This course was made free for all municipalities to use.



Surveys & Public Consultation: 


The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused organizations to pivot away from face-to-face interactions resulting in greater virtual engagement. This meant less-frequent open houses, in-person City Hall visits or staff interactions. It has also disrupted routines. Communities globally, have lost the comfort that came from old routines and knowing how to interact with the general public. We supported municipalities by introducing new ways to connect and communicate about community-based initiatives.


Customer Feedback Programs:


We have helped municipalities manage feedback from residents to maximize satisfaction with City Facilities’ COVID-19 safety measures and ongoing reopening efforts. A lack of confidence with what is going on around us locally, regionally, and globally, has made it increasingly important to maintain a focus on community satisfaction. Greater importance is currently placed on personal safety within our community. Residents desire more than ever to have their voices heard and to see action being taken.



E-Newsletter communications are an opportunity to engage directly with residents and keep them informed of ongoing projects. This direct communications channel prevents social media bias and misinformation from affecting municipal messaging.