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We are not here to compete for your RFP.  We play a supporting role, providing a turn-key opportunity to help you win more business!

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While we were born in the consulting world as a full-service marketing research firm, the majority of the work we complete on behalf of our 36+ client-partners and a select number of consulting-partners falls into the Professional Support Services category.

We are committed to developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our consulting partners. As a result, our fees reflect these strong ongoing working relationships.

The RFP process is more dynamic and collaborative than ever. Keep your competitive edge by building a strategic partnership with The W Group. We help ensure your RFP meets all the necessary value-adds by providing a wide range of specialized municipal services.

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Municipal Research Survey Respondents

If you are serious about conducting great surveys, consider these points…

We Mitigate

•Poor methodology, questionnaire writing and survey fielding practices

•Poor response rates or lopsided responses

•Dirty data caused by special interest groups ballot stuffing and nefarious Internet bots – DIY survey software with one-button reporting is dangerous to your data and results.

•Lack of respondents of subject matter knowledge sufficient to answer survey questions by introducing the correct background information at the right time within the survey. Let’s not ask them to cram all the new knowledge from a webpage and then complete a survey from memory – that’s what we did in high school.  

•‘Municipalese’ & ‘Planningese’ – poor or complex language that isn’t understood by average residents  - we’ve even introduced an in-survey Glossary to add to residents’ understanding

•Politically sensitive or charged subjects and language to maintain a neutral position

Plus much more...

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•Project research methodology end to end – We’ve conducted thousands of municipal-focused surveys. Our experience will give you deeper insights that drive better project deliverables.

•Multi-phased projects - measuring and understanding resistance and assisting to overcome barriers to adoption

•Project webpage(s) design and deployment including e-news subscription, protected comment forums, etc.

We Manage

•Survey response fatigue with variable progress bar introduction, prize draw reminders, design elements and best practice logic-flow programming

•Weighting survey data to be representative of the population

•Design and inclusion of background and explainer videos that enrich residents’ project understanding

•Language translations when you must reach an English as a second language resident population

•In-depth data analysis including full detailed multivariate analysis that delivers very clear survey insights

•Securing follow-up permission with respondents for future surveys and/or additional research such as focus groups, workshops etc which we can help you facilitate.

•Longitudinal surveys, password-accessed surveys

Plus much more...