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Special Events Satisfaction Survey

Special Events Satisfaction Survey

The Challenge

A municipal client required follow-up satisfaction surveys for each of the 6 categories of people involved in various community events throughout the year. This data would be useful for future event planning but the volume of surveys and time required for coordination became time-consuming.

The Solution

Instead of creating and managing a total of 36 surveys, one survey was designed and programmed. It contained all questions to be asked for all respondent categories. It contained all of the necessary questions including asking respondents to identify which of the 6 categories they belong to (ie. vendors, performers, advertisers, community groups, food services, other). Similar questions were displayed within the survey while a couple of categories with unique questions were solely displayed for those category’s respondents.

A single survey provides significant cost and time savings during both the execution and result phases. Instead of organizing several individual surveys, management and results analysis can all be done in one place. The single survey eased the email invite process considerably and enabled the municipality to view the survey’s overall results or filter by categories.

After each event’s survey closed, the survey was updated with the next event’s name and details. All results were presented separately and cumulatively throughout the year. We input results into a Power BI dashboard with various filters and data views enabling the special events team to easily gain significant insights from all the data.

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