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Recreation Services Customer Feedback

Recreation Services Customer Feedback

The Challenge

A municipality switching over its recreation services management system engaged The W Group to help it triage the volume of complaints, concerns, questions and compliments received. Issues commonly pop up in any facility, but the way a municipality approaches and resolves complaints can be its moment to shine. Coordinating feedback is a stepping stone to implementing long-term solutions.

The Solution

We designed a multi-channel, paper and digital submission form process that
automatically routes complaints and concerns to business unit managers. It then identifies and addresses systemic issues and collects evidence for future program build-outs.

Two feedback streams were created; one for registered program participants and one for facility visitors, regardless of activity. Both streams send a survey invite through email after participants complete their program or following a visit to the facility.

The results provide detailed levels of satisfaction categorized by facilities, recreation programs, facility activities, etc. Statistics import into a dynamic dashboard along with other service data to provide in-depth views of recreation operations.

60% Of customers completed the feedback survey

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