A Few Vocal Residents & A Silent Majority

A Few Vocal Residents & A Silent Majority

The Challenge

Municipalities are under increased pressure to incorporate public opinions as a factor in a greater number of projects. Collecting balanced feedback in a timely manner can prove challenging. A small community came to us after seeking public consultation for their progressive thinking but were constantly challenged by the same few vocal residents. To make a decision fairly quickly they were required to have an understanding of how the majority of residents feel within a few days.

The Solution

The W Group helped the City create a Community Engagement Research Panel (CERP) consisting of a representative sample of 750 residents. This made it possible for staff and council to conduct surveys providing a representative analysis of all viewpoints. The intention of larger-scale results is not to dilute the opinions of the few vocal residents but to understand if their opinions truly represent the silent majority.

50% response rate received
90% of all completed surveys received within 72 hours