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Are Residents Happy about Recent Canada Day Celebrations?

Canada Day Celebrations when done well, build trust, invoke a sense of national pride, and bring communities together. This year having in-person celebrations made the day feel extra special. Friends and families from all over gathered to view performances, shop from local vendors, eat good food, and enjoy the fireworks.

A big community turnout can leave your team buzzing! However, alongside the excitement, there may be lingering questions about attendee attitudes. How do residents feel about the symbolism of Canada Day? Did your community's festivities meet expectations? Do you expect future engagement from all parties involved (residents, sponsors, volunteers etc.)? Which aspects are "must-haves" for next year's event and where can we cut costs?

A Unique Opportunity to Gain Insights

Following an event, the most important thing a municipality can do is collect feedback from attendees while the experience is fresh in their minds. Post-event satisfaction surveys can provide vital evidence of a job well done. They also help ensure the community and council support future celebrations.

While it can be tempting, don't only focus on collecting positive feedback. Structure your questions in a way that will get your respondents to be honest. We need to know what they liked and where there could be improvements for next year.

Here Are Some Examples of Factors We Measure:

  • Individual and overall satisfaction level

  • The level of economic impact

  • Demographics such as age groups, municipality of residence, cultural backgrounds, family status etc.

  • The number of times someone has attended Canada Day Celebrations.

  • How people learned about each event. Did you, as the municipality, effectively get the word out about various activities?

  • What were attendees’ top experiences?

  • Which sponsors were most recognized?

  • Satisfaction levels on the venue, performance, food, safety, etc.

  • Likelihood to attend again or recommend to a friend/family member

There can be a lot to think about when tracking the success of an event. Working with research professionals can take the stress off. It is so important to have clean data, reach enough respondents, and present a solid report that supports your next event.