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Multi-Phased Project Engagement

Multi-Phased Project Engagement

The Challenge

Gaining momentum for resident engagement can be difficult during a lengthy project. Multi-phased projects like major parks, master plans, new facilities, or transportation plans require extended periods of communication. We have worked with many municipalities to manage community engagement for projects like these.

The Solution

To streamline communication management we design and program a set of 3 community surveys per project. A segmented e-newsletter subscriber list informs interested residents throughout each project of progress, status updates, and important decisions.

In the face of COVID-19, we ensure some recruitment filter questions are added to each of the surveys to identify residents who may be potential candidates for online discussion/focus groups.

The set of 3 surveys are as follows:

1. A ‘Blank Sheet of Paper’ style survey asks for broad ideas and opinions on what should be considered as part of the project. This survey includes primarily open-ended questions.

2. A ‘Survey of Community Residents’ provides a set of options for project development and includes mostly closed-ended questions. Questions may discuss project features such as amenities for a park, facility or plan and then measures their level of support.

3. A ‘Final Touch Base Survey’ presents the final project details along with the proposed implementation plan and measures the residents’ level of support. Understanding the level of support does not necessarily affect the decisions made, but it does influence priorities and timing.

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