Digital Forms | Paperless Pet Protocol

Digital Forms | Paperless Pet Protocol

The Challenge

The Surrey Animal Resource Centre facilitates pet care through adoption, donation, and volunteer work. In general, day to day operations call for in-person contact between staff and prospective pet parents.

COVID-19 safety measures including physical distancing restricted residents from entering the facility to complete manual paperwork. These mandatory limitations discouraged residents from wanting to adopt or place a pet up for adoption. As a result, the intake of pets needing adoption services unfortunately plummeted.

The Solution

Shifting to a contactless system for managing pet adoption information was fundamental to achieving zero physical touch with increased efficiency. We began by converting all existing paper-based forms and fillable PDF forms into completely digital online forms. Virtual submission reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission because it is accessible from home on all devices from desktop to mobile.

Digitally-connected forms eliminated the process of manually repopulating information. For example, any information entered on the intake form automatically populates the pet adoption form. This process also addresses privacy concerns by eliminating the need for the resource centre staff to re-enter pet information, in turn protecting the identity of the previous pet owner.