Sun Safety eLearning Program

WorkSafeBC Regulations require all employees working outdoors to be aware of the risks and hazards associated with ultraviolet radiation. This eLearning program, initially developed with the City of Coquitlam, presents essential information and training on Sun Safety, including risks and best practices for municipal employees.

Unlimited Seats Option | Customizable Branding

As part of The W Group's Municipal Shared Resources Program we are able to offer municipalities semi-customized eLearning programs at a fraction of their development cost. 

Customization includes:

  • Municipal's logo & branding

  • Municipal's applicable Intranet and policy links

  • Completion notifications sent to designated department(s)

  • Secure login to all past participants' records

  • Semi-customization completed within one week for as low as $850*


*Annual system maintenance fee applies

Additional Options

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  • Certificate of Completion for participants

  • Complete Customization (add specific content related to your municipality, change the quiz questions, and more.)

Single Seat Option

$40 per person

Have fewer number of employees requiring Sun Safety training?


To support smaller municipalities, we are happy to provide a per seat option to ensure all municipalities can benefit from this valuable program, regardless of their size or budget.

Keep in mind that most of the Unlimited Seats Option fee* is a one-time cost. Once your eLearning program is set-up, you can use it for as many employees as you wish.

The W Group takes a pragmatic approach to designing and delivering

eLearning Programs to municipalities.

Each of our programs follow the same structure and include the listed elements.

Sun Safety eLearning Program is specifically designed for outdoor employees whose duties result in sun and heat exposure. The eLearning module provides a WorkSafeBC video that is reinforced with key sun safety learning points. Once employees have reviewed the material, they are presented with a short 12 question quiz. If they select any incorrect answers, those questions are presented again following a review of the relevant material until all questions are answered correctly.  This 100% scoring approach is a simple and effective means to ensure all employees have had a chance to get it right when it comes to sun safety.

Select Program Option

Choose Unlimited Seats or Single Seat Option


Unlimited Seats Option

Each employee is provided with a link to the eLearning Program


Single Seat Option

Each employee is provided with a master link and a unique registration key for a one-time access to the eLearning Program

Program Design & Delivery 

The eLearning program begins with an introduction to the program topic and the required registration fields including:

  • Employee Name

  • Email Address

  • Employee Number

  • Supervisor’s Email


Learning material is presented and followed by a quiz. Incorrect answers are identified and an opportunity to “try again” is initiated. Material related to missed questions is presented followed by the questions that were incorrect.

100% Scoring

The W Group designs its eLearning Programs to require participants to score 100% on all questions. Our philosophy, with feedback from numerous professional trainers, is that should an employee select an incorrect answer to a question, it is better to allow them to review the program material; learn the correct answer and be encouraged to provide 100% correct answers. The questions employees get right the first time are most likely related to the content they know well. The questions employees get incorrect, require additional learning and positive reinforcement.

Program Completion & Notification

Notification is sent to designated department(s) confirming employee's completion of the program. Reporting allows you to track and record which employees have successfully completed the program and when.


The W Group utilizes fully compliant software and notifications to meet best practices and government compliance such as FOIPPA, CASL, ISRA, SSL and TL. All data collected is stored and accessed within Canada only.


Municipal Shared Resources Program

The W Group has working partnership agreements with several municipalities. While working with our municipal client-partners to develop new eLearning programs, we realized a great cost-reducing opportunity existed if these mutually required and mutually beneficial eLearning programs could be shared with other municipalities. Our client-partners agreed and our Municipal Shared Resources Program was created! This simple approach now allows participating municipalities to cost-effectively develop and purchase the latest eLearning Programs developed by municipalities for municipalities! 


To learn more about Sun Safety and other low-cost eLearning programs, contact us today.

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The W Group utilizes fully compliant software and notifications to meet best practices and government compliance such as

FOIPPA, CASL, ISRA, SSL and TL. All data collected is stored and accessed within Canada only.

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