Public Consultation – Survey Research Services

Focused online Open Houses, survey design, fielding, reporting, and research panel development (we also support engagement activities via the Bang the Table platform).

The recent economic turn due to the COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in the requirement for less face-to-face interactions. This means less open houses, in-person City Hall visits or staff interactions. It has also disrupted routines. Communities globally, have lost the comfort that comes from old routines and knowing how to interact with the community. We can combat this by introducing new ways to connect and communicate about community-based initiatives.

Quick & Powerful Survey Results

When you look at the survey questions you’ve written, are you sure they’re worded clearly and without bias? Are the intended results easy to analyze and interpret?

Our survey programs provide targeted knowledge of municipal survey research and best practices. A few days is often enough time to gather real-time survey results because we utilize a database of pre-profiled residents with balanced views.

No Software Learning Curve

We handle everything using Canadian legislation compliant software and practices. The entire program is internally managed – no RFP process required.

Community Engagement

Show community members that their opinions matter by giving them an opportunity to participate in City decisions. Intentional interactions from municipalities recognizes resident expectations in an actionable way.

At The W Group, we build and use a survey software-based list of fully-profiled community residents who have agreed to participate in regular surveys and research for the community.  Regular surveys promote capacity building which keeps residents engaged in the discussion and reduces the need to continuously promote surveys.  Our approach balances opinions from the vocal minority with the silent majority.

Support As Needed

Receive end to end support – from survey design through to full reporting. Dial up or dial down your support to find a plan that suits your needs. We understand that demand may fluctuate throughout the year and offer flexible budgets in response. Decentralized billing also supports the recovery of survey costs.

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Surveys per year

Designed, Programmed, Fielded

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of Responses

within first 72 hours

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evidence based decisions made