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Build out your communications program by adding/boosting branded e-newsletter programs. Secure your resident audience, ensure direct to resident communications, and foster engagement across platforms.

Keep residents informed with direct email newsletters. Our experienced team of content creators and programmers will work with you to produce everything from effective text, to design and distribution.

Benefits & Features:

Long-term Engagement

Secure your resident audience, ensure direct to resident communications, and foster engagement across platforms. Build committed, long-term engagement with residents and avoid having to continually re-engage. Leveraging the flow of meaningful information through newsletters promotes deeper engagement overall and reduces the reliance on social media, print material or paid advertising.

Email vs. Social Media

Even if you are as active as ever when it comes to managing your social channels, the potential return is much lower than using opt-in email lists. On Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram the social channel owns your subscribers making you subject to the dreaded algorithm. Whereas, when a municipality creates an expressed opt-in email list, that is now information belonging to, and at the discretion of, the City. Your email list is the first step in curating a high quality resident database. In short, social channels are excellent for outreach but not meaningful communication. Use that outreach to build your email list focused on long-term, consistent engagement.


Crafting engaging content takes time, energy, and resources. E-newsletters maximize impact and value through content splintering on social media. Macro content from e-newsletters can be used to create micro content for social media or blog posts. This demonstrates a unified message between platforms and provides an opportunity for subscriber cross-pollination.

The subscription and preference centre provides a full scope of content categories in a single location.

High Traffic

Achieve high open rates and click through rates that lead to increased web traffic. Boost awareness of and registration in various municipal programs.

Focused Communication

When providing content to local media you are subject to their interpretation. Direct-to-resident communication ensures clear, expertly curated subject matter, presented exactly as intended. E-newsletters have a centralized design and allow control over branding, tone, imagery, and design.

Focused communication also limits competing content as found on print publications and social media channels. E-newsletter subscribers are able to quickly and repeatedly reference content.

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Open Rate

Industry Benchmark 28.4%

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Click Rate

Industry Benchmark 3.2%

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