E-Learning Courses

Eliminate the need for classroom time by enabling employees to complete independent online training and education.

Social Distancing for the prevention of COVID-19 limits the possibility of face-to-face interactions in the classroom. Enabling online training empowers employees to learn while maintaining social distancing. All of our e-learning courses require a 100% completion rate ensuring that employees engage and completely grasp the course material.

COVID-19 Specific Training

We understand that these are challenging times, with emerging implications and impacts. This safety course for workers aims to educate on best practices for health and communication during COVID-19. The focus is to provide information to staff about the virus and the key steps required to prevent the spread of the virus. To view a sample video click here.

COVID-19 Awareness Safety Course for Municipal Staff

This course is FREE for all municipalities to use. Please contact us to have this informative e-learning course set-up for your municipality.

Significant Cost Savings

In the long-term, online training minimizes various costs associated with in-person classroom learning. These costs potentially include meals, transportation, accommodations, classroom maintenance, venue rental, printed materials, and scheduling instructors/support staff for half-day or full-day sessions. Online learning also means less time away from work for employees, positively impacting productivity.

On-Demand Training & Results

Training is delivered on-demand and is accessible without the requirement of a full class size. E-learning programs linked on the City Intranet make self-administration simple and easy. Guided training is provided to cover numerous topics and is accompanied by automatic notifications sent to the employee’s supervisor upon course completion.


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