Customer Feedback Programs

Proactively manage feedback from residents to maximize satisfaction with municipal facilities, programs, and policies.

Measure and improve resident satisfaction. Align resources based on centralized resident feedback. Systematically collect opinions and strengthen community programs.

Our comprehensive customer feedback programs gather input from a full range of customers to determine which residents require service follow-up. Following the identification of residents, automatic alerts are sent to the appropriate staff for quick and effective resolution. Dashboard functionality tracks performance, contributes to evidence-based program funding, and identifies actionable priorities.

Benefits & Features:

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Communities must listen to resident feedback and change the areas that need improvement if they seek to maximize satisfaction and drive loyalty. A proactive approach minimizes resources spent on resolving complaints. Monitor and manage service delivery and customer satisfaction with a single organizational view. Feedback can be derived through multiple channels and methods including in-person, online, digital, paper-based; during or after visits, and passive/active invites.

Evidence-based Program Funding

Prove the need for funding to address specific services, facilities, and/or program shortfalls that are driving dissatisfaction. Let’s say an increasing number of complaints are being tracked due to a lack of parking availability. Formal tracking and analysis of such complaints delivers strong evidence to support funding for greater parking services control or expansion.

Generate and Measure KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential and at the forefront of all decision making. Customer feedback reporting through collection forms and points of service are valuable methods for generating and measuring KPIs.

Our customer feedback programs display digital feedback on your dashboard in near-real-time to support performance-based operations and decision making. This enables senior management and business unit managers to clearly understand how the organization is performing.

Mitigate Risk

Enable near-real-time customer complaint alerts set to be addressed and resolved by staff.  Ensure customer concerns are addressed and learning is recorded by tracking the follow-up outcomes.

Gather Compliments and Complaints

Deliver a balanced message to staff; not just what didn't go well. An accurate collection of feedback encourages staff to place continual effort into what is going well and to improve on what is not.

Memorable coaching moments are formed when staff members receive balanced feedback focused on guidance and support. Its purpose is to help staff achieve better results by building on their strengths, developing their skills, focusing on the facts, and overall increasing their confidence. Performance Improvement Support is useful for current/future service delivery training and management programs.

Easily Identify Systemic Issues

Utilize Voice of the Customer Feedback to identify systemic issues across the entire municipality and for one-off problems. Isolated issues often represent a much larger concern then they are given credit for. Only when isolated issues are amalgamated does the bigger picture come into focus. Imagine a scenario where three washroom complaints are received per staff member over a single shift- it seems like a minor one-time issue.  When multiplied by 25 staff this now becomes a matter of 75 out of 750 displeased customers. Qualifying issues like the former is the first step to highlighting actionable priorities to be addressed with the appropriate resources.

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Improvements Made

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