MyOpinionsMatter is a service developed for municipalities and non-profits who want to tap into the power of Community Engagement Research Panels (see but don't need a fully customized solution with specific branding.

MyOpinionsMatter provides access to a shared Cherp platform. Of course there are strict divisions between each clients data and no way for one client to see the other clients information. Clients do benefit from sharing the cost and leveraging the standardized templates and branding created by MyOpinionsMatter.

MyOpinionsMatter gives your community a powerful  tool to engage your community members. Key    benefits include:


  • Overcome the 'Vocal Minority" - Secure statistically representative survey results.

  • Save Time - Complete research surveys within days through fully-profiled ready-research respondents.

  • Build Capacity & Knowledge - Increase depth of community and research understanding and insights. 

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